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STATE OF PLAY 10/9/23: In a dramatic upset, the goliath X-Constants, with an assist by The Patriot Actors, clinched Round One with a last minute steal from team-of-one mastermind Hazel and the "13 Tigers." Hazel's late game appearance on the scene, opening the game-defining door in a location previously not thought possible, makes her a serious contender regardless of the "Might & Right" stronghold on the top two positions. | | | X | | | If Hazel comes knocking on Tuesday at 6, the door will open. Will she step through?

STATE OF PLAY 11/27/23: "Stay classy" reads the calling card of the first team to solve the 3301 puzzle back in December of 2020 before vanishing from the scene, a move which placed them at the bottom of the echo_01 leaderboard. But if Tom Wilson were here today, what would he say about the green trombone? | X | For a boost up the volume 2 leaderboard, contact the usual address.

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